If you are interested in purchasing one of our pups/dogs we would like you to fill out our questionnaire. As we at Diamond Hill Australian Shepherds believe our pups deserve quality, loving, forever homes. We want to make sure that our pup fits your home and family. If there is more than one buyer we would like each one to fill out the questionnaire.  Please print, fill out and scan to email or simply cut an paste into your email send to diamondhillaussies@gmail.com
We thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this application.

About You
l.) Name of all buyers:

2.)Contact information
     Home Phone:
    Work Phone:
    Email address:

3.) Home Address:

4.) How long at this address?

5.) Is this an apartment or house?
        a.)Do you rent or own?

6) If renting can you get a signed agreement from your landlord allowing pets?

7.) Do you have children?
        a.) If yes what are their ages?

8) Has there ever been a problem with one of your children and animals before?
        a.)If yes please explain.

9.) Have you owned dogs in the past?
        a.) If yes what breed?
        b.) What happened to them?

10.) Do you have other pets now?
       a.) If yes what kind?
       b.) How old?
       c.) What sex?
       d.) Are they spayed/neutered?
       e.) How do they all get along?

11.)Who is your Vet
       a.) May We contact them?

11.) Have you ever taken a dog to the pound or back to it's Breeder or to a rescue?
        a.)If yes what were the circumstances?

12.) May we have the name and number of 2 references?

About the aussie
1.) Have you ever owned an Aussie before?
      a.) If no, have you research the breed and are you familiar with the socialization needs of an Aussie?
      b.) Are you sure you can meet these needs.

2.) What are your reasons for wanting an Aussie?
      (pet, obedience, conformation, herding, tracking, agility, flyball, Frisbee etc....)

3.) If co-buying who will the dog live with?

4.) Are you willing to take responsibility for this Aussie for the next 10-17 years?

5.) Do you have a preference to sex and color?
    a.) If yes what are your reasons?

6.) Do you have a fenced yard or kennel?
     a.)If no then how will you exercise your aussie?

7.) If you work out side the home, where will your Aussie spend it's time while you are gone?

8.) Where will your aussie be if you go on vacation or suddenly become ill?

Our requirements
1.) All our Aussie are sold by contract only. We do this to protect our dogs and to assure all our buyers
      that We stand behind every dog produced at Diamond Hill. Do you have a problem with signing our contract? 

2.) We require that both ASCA and AKC registration papers be filled out and sent in for individual
      registrations, and that the numbers are sent to us for our records. Will this be a problem for you?
        a.)If so why?

3.) We ask that all OFA and Cerf evaluation results be reported to us, once again this is for our records.
     Will this be a problem?

4.) We recommend that all pups be taken to puppy obedience class. (or some type of training and
      socialization) Will this be a problem for you?

5.) We require all pet pups to be spayed/neutered and mark the non breeding boxes on their registration
      papers.  Do you have a problem with this?         
           a.)If so Why?

6.) We as breeders strive to breed Aussies that are physically and mentally sound, this does not however
      mean that all our Aussie are perfect, if a problem arises We want to be contacted immediately with full
      details whether genetic or otherwise. (including death) Again this helps us to keep accurate records.
      Will this be a problem?
           a.)If yes why?

7.) We require that all dogs acquired from us be brought back to us if you can no longer keep the dog.
      Will this be a problem?

 8.) Would you be willing to let me decide what puppy I feel best suits your situation/family/lifestyle?

9) If we do not have the Aussie for you, May we refer you to another reputable Breeder?

 Thank you for taking the time to fill out the questionnaire. We hope you understand the reasons for the
 need to have a questionnaire. We only want our Aussies to have a happy and healthy life.
We trust as a dog lover you too can appreciate this.

Again, Please print, fill out and scan to email or simply cut an paste into your email send to diamondhillaussies@gmail.com
or click on link below.



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