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Diamond Hill Jewel of The Nite
Black C/W

Ragtimes Where Its At
Blue RF AS-21466G30M-PI F=15.01%
Ch Ragtimes Light It Up
Red C/W AS-18029G24M-PI F=15.92%
E115137 DL87298204
Ch Ragtimes Kamakazzi CD
E90738 DL69595901
Ch Merribrooks Pickup Man DNA-CP
Ragtime Topgun Guess Who? DNA-CP
Ch Ragtime Gingerbred Lonesome Me
E87803 DL67492901
Ch My Main Man of Heatherhill
Ch Merribrooks Put'in On the Ritz
Ch Thornapple Bedazzled
Blue C/W RF AS-17054G26F-PI F=16.22%
E109152 DL82804609
Ch Bluestems Man-O-Firethorne DNA-CP
E104192 DL67905507
Briarbrooks Black Arrogance
Ch Firethornes Finishing Touch
Thornapple Godess of the Hunt
Propwash Hey Jude
Ch Thornapples What It Takes
Ch Crystalgenes Made For Koala-T
Black C/W F=11.15%
Ch Koala-Ts Taylor Made
Black C/W AS-14720G24M-T F=9.31%
E100323 DL74993801
Mooreas Ragtime Wildstheycome
E86841 DL65938103
Ch Windogos Wild Wild West DNA-CP
Ch Ragtimes Little Degash Brook
Firecreeks Formal Attire
Ch Indian Kellye of Starcross CDX
Firecreeks Trace O Forgiveness
Merribrooks Sweet-N-Sassy DNA-CP
Blue C/W RF AS-10456F25F F=13.67%
E77606 DL56330308
Ch Feel the Fire of Heatherhill
E28761 DL49637601
Red Necked Dude of Heatherhill
Ch Gorgeous Red Velvet
Hidden Lane Picture Perfect
Marquis Blissful Zepplin
Ch Somercrest Sassy Lassy
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